Pond Dye: What It Brings To Your Garden Pond

Published: 26th May 2010
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Everything is becoming more and more possible. Even a pond's color can be modified to suit one's preference. Using a pond dye to bring back the water's color brings about a large array of good effects in addition to simply ending up with a more natural-looking pond.

It is undeniable that ponds are the perfect addition to one's garden. They do not only serve as habitat for pet fishes and similar aquatic creatures but also a great beautifying factor. However, there are conditions in the environment that we cannot control. As a result, there is a tendency to end up with a mud-colored garden pond.

The ultimate solution comes with pond dyes. One gets to choose from different hues to make the pond look the way one wants it to be. Whether it is in blue for a refreshing look or in black for a reflective tone, these dyes are really great for highlighting the pond's beauty.

Here are some of the other good things a pond dye comes with.

1. Overall appearance - Ponds and other bodies of water have a natural color. Achieving this, or even just the most similar hue, makes an artificial pond look a lot like any other natural ponds in the area. The best way to do this is with the help of dyes.

2. Algae control - A large pool of algae can bring about serious oxygen-related problems. This is actually a big problem for pond owners. With the help of pond dyes, the sunlight getting to the pond is highly filtered. Since algae growth is due to sunlight presence, lessening the amount of sunlight getting to the waters help control the amount of algae in the pond.

3. Adverse effects - Pond dyes do not affect the plants and animals that consider the pond as their habitat. They do not result to any discoloration and are not toxic even for the good bacteria that are responsible for the breakdown of the fishes' wastes. This makes it possible for one to do maintenance and similar works despite the presence of dyes in the pond water.

4. Water temperature - Some dyes can actively help out in raising the water temperature, thus prevent the formation of ice in the pond. This is largely because the dye can affect the water's ability in letting the sun get through it.

5. Easy application - Dyeing a pond is a piece of cake. One simply has to choose the dye color and buy a packet for a pond that measures 1 foot deep. Typical dyes last for about 45 to 60 days. The contents of the packet is applied to the pond water in concentrated amounts and left there to be dispersed naturally for a few hours.

People who are new to pond dye might find it a little alarming how one can simply throw in the dye into the water that easy considering the possible chemical properties of such mixtures. However, there is enough evidence that assure the safety and reliability in these dyes' capacity to bring in good results without endangering the pond, its waters and all the living things in it.

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